Best CA Inter test series?

Which is the finest CA Inter test series?

One of India’s most difficult and sought-after professional courses is the Chartered Accountancy (CA) programme. The ICAI certifies individuals at three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. CA examinations are difficult, but applicants may supplement their preparation by taking an online test series. Catestseries is one of the top five online test series for preparing for the CA exam.

How is Catestseries one of the top CA exam series?

Best Exam Series was named the Best CA Final Test Series Provider because to its high-quality test papers and immediate problem-solving service. CAtestseries is a well-known online CA preparation programme. It offers a wide range of services. It offers exam preparation aids such as video courses, books, study materials, and online test series for the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final examinations. If you use test series wisely, it can help you make a good choice. You must analyse your performance on a regular basis so that you can identify your weak points, where you need to devote more time, and where you need to exert more effort.

The main advantage of a Great CA Inter Test Series is that it allows you to balance your preparation for both portions. This is only achievable if the test papers are of exceptional quality and evaluated by people with 6-10 years of expertise in their respective industries.

Improve Speed- Because the exam series gives the learner plenty of experience, their speed at answering questions naturally improves.

Boost Confidence- It helps persons improve their performance and gain confidence. It aids in removing their exam anxiety and nervousness.



Aashirya Kawshal

CA FINAL Chartered Accountants

  • if you use CAtestseries wisely it plays an important role in your selection. You must analyse your performance on a regular basis so that you can identify your weak points, where you need to devote more time, and where you need to exert more effort.
  • Last year, when I began my preparation, I had no idea what a test series was. So I just practice chapter after chapter. I took the exam, and the results were as predicted (FAIL).
  • Then I purchase and attempt their mocks, this time my performance improved a lot and I almost cleared every exam I attempt. The beauty of Catestseries is that you can download the exam once you complete it so you may review or practice it later. As I said in one of my comments, I tested the technique below and it works like a charm: At first reading / practicing, try posing answers to questions or approaches to practical problems.
  • Go through the comment, then. If you’re able to make it out, go for it. You will be able to answer that question at any time.
  • If you do not end up giving the correct answer, mark the question separately.
  • Then, whether studying or reading on the day before the tests, you just have to go through the questions you have found.
  • Revise your reading material significantly and you will only have to go through the section that you could not explain in your first attempt at reading.
  • The other thing I’ve come across while talking to people planning for the CA Inter / IPCC is the focus on reading.
  • The best book you used to read is to stick to it instead of modifying it. Changing the book will not help; instead, it will make matters more difficult because all of the books will cover the complete course. Everything hinges on how you respond to a given topic, regardless of the book you’ve mentioned.
  • Just concentrate and there’s no need to sit down with books for the whole day, anytime you read, give your 200 percent and that’s going to help you like anything.
  • Hope these things will benefit you, and we’ll see your name in the rank holders column, because it’s time to do smart work, not hard work.




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