CA Intermediate Auditing and Assurance Weightage

 CA Intermediate Auditing and Assurance Weightage

Because of the contemporary economy’s tremendous growth, a profession in accounting and finance has exploded in popularity. A Chartered Accountant is the most well-known and prominent professional path in this industry (CA). Chartered Accountancy is generally regarded as a necessary, rewarding, and challenging profession. Since you passed the first level, CA Foundation, with flying colours, you can now devote all of your attention to the next level in this discipline.

CA Intermediate is the second level in the CA line that must be passed before moving on to the third. Each level is more tough than the one before it, so strap up and study diligently. Those who have registered for the CA Intermediate course are encouraged to connect.

Begin by reading the first few fundamental chapters, which include Nature of Auditing, Basic Concepts in Auditing, Audit Preparation, and Internal Control. Then have a look at Company Audit, Vouching and Verification, and Special Audit. This will cover a significant portion of the curriculum and assist you in gaining a better knowledge of it. Chapter wise Weightage for CA Intermediate Auditing and Assurance.


CA Intermediate Auditing and Assurance

Chapter No. Name of Chapters Marks  Weightage
1 Nature, Objective and Scope of Audit 8
2 Audit Strategy, Audit Planning & Audit Programme 8
3 Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence 6
4 Risk Assessment and Internal Control 10
5 Fraud and Responsibilities of Auditor 8
6 Audit in an Automated Environment 6
7 Audit Sampling 4
8 Analytical Procedures 4
9 Audit of Items of Financial Statements 10
10 The Company Audit 16
11 Audit Report 8
12 Audit of Banks 8
13 Audit of Different Entities 10

In the CA Intermediate Auditing and Assurance curriculum, this is the most highly awaited topic. The subject is difficult, and there isn’t much room for error. However, you must read each and every topic because this is a Chartered Accountant’s basic work, and after passing the CA Intermediate, everyone must conduct an audit in their office during practical training. This article’s subjects include:

Some students are so perplexed that they are required to write in bookish jargon in their Audit paper. However, this information is completely untrue. The language you use in your paper is the first thing the examiner notices, therefore you must be fluent in either English or Hindi.

How important are Mock Exams for students to practice?

The CA examinations are similar to a game of chess; the only way to learn your way around them is to practice. Mock exams offer you a taste of what to expect on test day: anxieties, issues remembering and linking questions to relevant topics, dealing with the worry of not knowing, and regulating your speed.

At least one mock exam should be scheduled close to the final exam date, preferably concurrently with your third revision.

The fake result, however, should be regarded with a grain of salt because it may not accurately reflect the ICAI’s test paper checking approach.

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