How to score good marks in CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting.

How to score good marks in CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting.

 One of the most important skills for chartered accountants is accounting. The ‘Advanced Accounting’ Intermediate level paper focuses on financial reporting and regulatory demands of corporate entities, banking, financial services, and insurance. I learn how to apply specific Accounting Standards, Guidance Notes, and legislations to various transactions and events, as well as prepare and present financial statements for business entities, in this paper, and (ii) understand and apply financial reporting and regulatory requirements in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors.

10  Essential Tips for Studying CA Intermediate and Advanced Accounting.

  1.  Make it a habit to practise questions related to the theory you’ve studied while you’re studying. Combining theoretical with numerical concerns is a good idea. This will assist you in fully comprehending the topics.
  2. DO NOT FORGET TO STUDY THE ICAI’S STUDY MATERIAL. Read through all of the theory and answer all of the questions. Accounting resources may be found here, while Advanced Accounting resources can be found here.
  3. Keep significant concepts and equations in a separate notebook. This will serve as a revision guide.can have a quick view of these before exams.
  4. Accounting standards are extremely important. Spend a significant time on them.
  5. Learn how to operate your calculator effectively and be familiar with all of the shortcuts.
  6. Don’t waste time on things that aren’t important. You must set a time limit depending on the importance and weight of the issues.
  7. Do not adhere to someone else’s schedule. Every person learns in a different way.
  8. When planning your schedule, keep your competencies and primary strengths in mind. If you’re a student,
  9. We’ve outlined a straightforward procedure for preparing for the CA exam online.
  10. Do not be afraid to seek outside assistance. Subscribe to online videos about the topics you’re interested in.

How to do well on the paper in CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting .

The ICAI allows students 15 minutes to read the paper at the start. These 15 minutes are incredibly important and, if used properly, may significantly improve your score. Use this time to complete the following tasks:

  1. Carefully read the entire document.
  2. Determine which questions you want to tackle initially. Mark the numbers according to the order you wish to try.
  3. Set aside a reasonable amount of time for each question. Make an effort to set aside 10 minutes for revision.

Presentation abilities – You do not need to have beautiful/extraordinary presentation skills for practical issues like these. Basic hygiene, on the other hand, is required. You must have an answer sheet that the examiner is interested in reading.

CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting carries a higher weighting than CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting. The questions must be written down, as well as the answers. Take as many Mock Tests as you can. Presentation is really crucial when it comes to getting excellent grades, especially in theoretical papers. Use the ICAI Practice Manual, Study Material, or Suggested Answers to improve your presentation. Weightage of CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting Marks


Advance Accounting (Intermediate)


Name of Chapters Marks Weightage
1 Application of Accounting Standards 18
2 Partnership Accounting 14
3 Accounting for Employee Stock Option Plans 8
4 Buy Back of Securities and Equity Shares with Differential Rights 8
5 Amalgamation of Companies 12
6 Internal Reconstruction 10
7 Liquidation of Companies 8
8 Financial Statements of Banking Companies 8
9 Non-Banking Financial Companies 6
10 Consolidated Financial Statements 14


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