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CA Inter EIS-SM Chapter-by-Chapter Weightage

CA Inter EIS-SM Chapter-by-Chapter Weightage

CA Inter EIS-SM Chapter-by-Chapter Weightage

This post will assist you in developing a more effective strategy for preparing for CA Intermediate EIS-SM, one of the most feared subjects on the CA Intermediate exams and you will learn about the weighting of each chapter in the EIS and SM papers for the CA Intermediate May 2022 exams.

CA Inter Paper-7 Chapter-by-Chapter Weightage: CA Inter May 2022. Chapter-by-Chapter Mark Distribution Marks for Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management, a CA Intermediate 7th course, are weighted differently. For the EIS and SM subjects of the CA Intermediate course, the ICAI released skill-by-skill and section-by-section weighting.

Enterprise Information Systems

Chapter No. Chapter Name Weightage Marks
1 Automated Business Processes 12
2 Financial And Accounting Systems 8
3 Information Systems And Its Components 12
4 E-Commerce, M-Commerce And Emerging Technologies 12
5 Core Banking Systems 10


1 Introduction to Strategic Management 6
2 Dynamics of Competitive Strategy 10
3 Strategic Management Process 8
4 Corporate Level Strategies 8
5 Business Level Strategies 8
6 Functional Level Strategies 10
7 Organization and Strategic Leadership 7
8 Strategy Implementation and Control 12


CA Intermediate – EIS and SM – What to Do

  • Revision at least three times – The themes that seem difficult to you are the ones with which you are unfamiliar. As you become more comfortable with them, they become easier. Reduce the amount of time it takes to read and rewrite a chapter. You will be able to retain knowledge more quickly as a result of this.
  • Put yourself to the test – Putting yourself to the test is the most effective way to determine your degree of preparedness. Understanding the mistakes made in practise examinations can assist you in avoiding costly mistakes during the exam.
  • The Most Efficient Method of Studying EIS-SM–In your notepad, write the topic’s name as well as as many points about it as you can.
  • Look at the headers and subheadings to see what they mean.

Some suggestions for a good CA Intermediate EIS-SM score

  • Make sure your responses are concise and well-written.
  • When writing in EIS, use as many diagrams and tables as possible; this will help you communicate more information in less time.
  • Demonstrating your expertise of strategic management by providing relevant examples from contemporary company circumstances is a good idea. When you’re prepared, think about real-life examples.
  • Be technical in your answer and avoid generic explanations. While answering, use acceptable language to show your knowledge and make a positive impression on the examiner.
  • The use of RTPs and MTPs is quite beneficial. They’re a great source of questions to ask.
  • EIS and SM – What to Do in CA Intermediate

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