How to score good marks in costing.

How to score good marks in costing.

As the modern economy changes at a quick rate, accounting and financial occupations are becoming increasingly interesting. A Chartered Accountant is the most well-known and important professional path in this industry (CA). Chartered Accountancy is usually seen as a necessary, gratifying, and challenging job. Because you passed the first level, CA Foundation, with flying colours, you can now devote your whole focus to the next level in this topic.


Best way to prepare cost and management accounting.

Learn the fundamentals of cost and management accounting if you want to pursue a career in this field. Develop a solid foundation and grasp of the ideas and procedures, then practice, practice, practice. Patience is required. If you don’t grasp it the first or second time, things will start to look up by the third or fourth exercise. We can prepare for CA Intermediate with five Exam Preparation Tips for the Intermediate CA Exams.

  1. Review the Syllabus, make a study plan, and go over all of the topics and subjects again.
  2. Success in the CA Intermediate Exams Requires Timely Revision.
  3. Rather of mucking up, concentrate on gaining a thorough understanding of topics.
  4. No formalised practice. You won’t be able to tell if you know this subject or not unless you practice it by writing
  5. Create a mistake notepad. You heard correctly & Conceptual/formula notepad.

CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Syllabus, Chapter-by-Chapter Weightage.


CA Inter Cost and Management Accounting (Weightage)
 No. of Chapters Name of chapters Marks  weightage
Ch-1 Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting 4
Ch-2. Material Cost 6
Ch-3. Employee Cost and Direct Expenses 8
Ch-4. Overheads: Absorption Costing Method 6
Ch-5. Activity-Based Costing 8
Ch-6. Cost Sheet 12
Ch-7. Cost Accounting System 12
Ch-8. Unit & Batch Costing 8
Ch-9. Job Costing and Contract Costing 8
Ch-10. Process & Operation Costing 6
Ch-11. Joint Products & By-Products 8
Ch-12. Service Costing 8
Ch-13. Standard Costing 12
Ch-14. Marginal Costing 10
Ch-15. Budget and Budgetary Control 8


Understand the syllabus, make a study plan, and go through all topics and subjects again.

To adequately prepare for the CA intermediate test, an aspirant will need a full-proof approach to pass one of the most difficult examinations. From knowing the full curriculum to making a strategy for studying the entire syllabus in a reasonable amount of time and revising all topics and courses.

To do so, the aspirant must first gather all relevant study materials, after which they must create a suitable study plan that includes time for revision of all themes and disciplines.


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