ca intermediate course fees

Ca intermediate course fees

If you are seeking for information on the entire CA course costs 2022, you have come to the correct place. Here you can find the most up-to-date information on the total costs for the CA course. Learn more about CA registration costs, journal membership fees, examination fees, and training expenses by reading the article.

The CA course lasts at least 4.5 to 5 years from the time you register for the foundation course until you become a CA. During these years, you must pass three levels of the Chartered Accountancy course: CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Finals. According to ICAI criteria, you must complete three years of practical training or CA articleship. It would not be incorrect to argue that this course emphasizes

Many Indian students want to become Chartered Accountants after completing their 12th grade in the Commerce stream. Chartered Accountants are in high demand in India, and the remuneration is competitive. To become a Chartered Accountant, students must pass national exams. Students commonly express concern about the total cost of CA courses during a five-year period. Continue reading for more information about CA course fees and other facts. Overview of the total fees for CA course- Foundation, Intermediate, Final 


CA Intermediate Total Fees 2022:

Total CA Intermediate Course Fees
Particular Intermediate Single    group(Rs.)(foundation entry) Intermediate Both(Rs.)(foundation entry) Intermediate fee for Direct Entry Route
Journal membership 200
Examination fees 1500 2700 2700
Registration fees 13000 18000 18000
Practical training fees 6500+7000 6500+7000 ICITSS 6500+7000
Online form fees 200 200 200
Students activity fees 2000 2000 2000
Total Rs. 30,200 Rs. 36,400 Rs. 36,600


CA Intermediate Fees for Student Overseas:

Fees Both Group Single Group
Registration Fees Us$ 1000 Us$ 600
Examination fees Us$ 500 Us$ 325

Late Fee of Rs. 600/- for Centers in India and Kathmandu (US$ 10 for Overseas Centers) is applicable.


CA Intermediate Registration Fees 2022:

The CA Intermediate registration fees vary depending on whether you are registering for a single group or both groups. According to their preparations, students from the foundation path can register for either a single group or both groups.

CA intermediate registration costs are Rs. 13,000 for a single group and Rs. 18,000 for both groups. Students taking the Direct Entry Route must register for both groups. Both groups must pay a registration cost of Rs. 18,000.

CA inter registration costs 2022 for international students at the Intermediate level are US$ 600 for a single group and US$ 1000 for both groups.


CA Intermediate Course 2022 Exam Fees or Application Fees:

The examination price or application fee for Intermediate single group is Rs. 1500, while the Intermediate examination fee for both groups is Rs. 2700.

According to their preparation, students from the foundation path can participate in either a single group test or both group examinations. The examination cost is Rs. 1500 for the single group and Rs. 2700 for both groups. Direct Entry students must enroll for both groups, however they are not permitted to take single group examinations.

For students from other countries, the Intermediate examination cost is US$ 325 for a single group and US$ 500 for both groups.


Journal Fee for Intermediate Level 2022:

Students at this level do not have to pay for journals. Students registering using the Direct Entry option, on the other hand, must pay Rs. 200 for journal subscription.


Students Activity Fees for Intermediate Level 2022:

Students Activity Fees are paid to attend ICAI workshops, seminars, and conferences throughout this level. Each student must pay Rs. 2000.

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