How to score good marks CA Intermediate Corporate and other Law?

How to score good marks CA Intermediate Corporate and other Law?

Best way to prepare CA Intermediate Corporate and other Law

1. Separate the law course into two parts.

Divide your course into two sections: the first is critical information that you should review after reading, and the second is information that isn’t relevant to your tests and just has to be read once.

2. Read it out loud.

When tackling any theory subject, read it aloud so you can hear your own voice, which will help you remember the ideas for longer. And instead of merely reading it, you should make your own notes. Make some charts to help you remember the themes section by section, and review them on a regular basis.

3. Keep track of your time.

Because the Ca Inter course is so extensive, you must schedule your time carefully. Prepare your schedule based on the amount of days you have remaining. If you become hooked on a particular issue, don’t devote your entire day to it. Switch to the other issue and make a note of it so you may debate it with your professors or friends later.

4. Ability to Deliver a Presentation.

The most important aspect of the CA Exams is the presentation, and a stronger presentation can help you get an extra 15-20 points. Present your response in a more effective manner, such as –

  • Begin each question on a new page and write the answers to all sections of the question in one location.
  • On both sides of a paper, make a margin and put the question number as well as points in that margin.
  • Instead of long paragraphs, try to answer in points.
  • Emphasize the most significant aspects so that the examiner can concentrate on them.

5. Review the Amendments.

The ICAI has a proclivity to prioritise modifications. Subjects like tax, law, and auditing have a lot of modifications, and they frequently cover 15-20% of the paper, so you should pay attention to them.


Weightage for CA Intermediate Corporate and other Law

The questions and their responses must be written down. Attend as many Mock Tests as possible. Presentation is highly crucial in getting good grades, especially in theoretical papers. You can use the ICAI Practice Manual, Study Material, or Suggested Answers to improve your presentation. CA Intermediate Paper-2 Corporate and Other Laws Marks Weightage. CA Intermediate Paper-2 Chapter-by-Chapter Weightage Dec 2022


Chapter No. Chapter Name Marks  weightage
  Part I: Company Law  
1. Preliminary 4
2. Incorporation of company and matters incidental Thereto 6
3. Prospectus and Allotment of Securities 8
4. Share capital and Debentures 5
5. Acceptance of Deposits by companies 6
6. Registration of Charges 8
7. Management and Administration 8
8. Declaration and payment of dividend 6
9. Accounts of Companies 5
10. Audit and Auditors 9
  Part II: Other Laws  
1. The Indian Contract Act,1872 14
Unit 1: Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee
Unit 2: Bailment and Pledge
Unit 3: Agency
2. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 8
3. The General Clauses Act 6
4. Interpretation of statutes 8


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