How do you score accounting?



How score to The CA Intermediate Accounting Exam?

CA is a respected course that demands a lot of dedication. To become a Chartered Accountant, one must pass all of the ICAI examinations. Exams are tough for students to pass owing to a lack of sufficient instruction. Accounting is one of the disciplines included in the CA programme. In this essay, we’ll go over a few pointers that can help you get high grades in Accounting.

How do you score accounting?

Making a suitable plan is one of the most significant aspects of exam preparation. Make a written plan for your rewrite. Set a goal for yourself to finish the topic in a certain number of days.

The first revision should be finished in no more than 20 days. Revise all of the topics and associated questions in the first revision. Concentrate on your presentation and answer inquiries as though they were test questions.

You have remembered your curriculum after one revision. Solve the ICAI’s current and prior attempt old test paper. Try to pinpoint your issues and concentrate on them. Answer the questions from the previous try.

Concentrate on the areas that are providing you issues in the second revision. The questions must be written down, as well as the answers. Take as many Mock Tests as you can. When it comes to achieving good scores, especially in theoretical papers, presentation is really important. To enhance your presentation, use the ICAI Practice Manual, Study Material, or Suggested Answers. CA Intermediate Paper 1 Weighted Average of Intermediate Accounting Marks Chapter-by-Chapter Weighting for Intermediate Paper 1 December 2022.

CA Intermediate Accounting
Chapter No. Chapter Name Marks Weightage
1 Introduction to Accounting Standards 4
2 Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements 6
3 Overview of Accounting Standards 15
4 Financial Statements of Companies 6
5 Profit or Loss Pre and Post Incorporation 5
6 Accounting for Bonus Issue and Right Issue 7
7 Redemption of Preference Shares 5
8 Redemption of Debentures 7
9 Investment Accounts 6
10 Insurance Claims for Loss of Stock and Loss of Profit 7
11 Hire Purchase and Instalments Sale Transactions 6
12 Departmental Accounts 8
13 Accounting for Branches Including Foreign Branches 7
14 Accounts from Incomplete Records 11

Accounting Study Plan

In CA Intermediate and CA, accounting is a high-scoring topic. In general, pupils have been able to cover their accounting paper’s aggregate %.

This subject includes the following topics:

  • Accounting Principles (Besides AS it includes the formation of AS, IND AS, IFRS)
  • Prepare and present financial statements in accordance with accounting standards
  • Accounts of Corporations
  • Special Transactions Accounting
  • Accounting of a Special Kind
  • Accounting for Partnerships (Amalgamation, conversion into the company, sale to company, and issues related to LLP).

Because firms’ accounts account for a significant portion of your tests, you should always be up to speed on changed schedules and produce your Balance Sheet using the new technique of accounting.

















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