What was your routine 3 months prior to the CA inter/final exam?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


What was your routine 3 months prior to the CA inter/final exam?


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    I wake I read I sleep. I get bored of reading , I read again to get rid of boring.

    I need a sleep of 8 hours no matter what. And sometimes even 9 hours. So I had never compromised on my sleep.

    Sleeping well ensures that your mind is active for the rest whole day.

    Some kind of psychical activity is must. I chose dance and I even continued it for first few months. Just a month before exams I quit everything and focused on books.

    Food routine: I wake around 9 am and would have my breakfast.

    At 11am I get a tumbler of butter milk from my mom. At 1 pm I will have lunch with my dad and at 5 pm I will have evening snacks.

    At last at night 8 pm dinner . I retain some biscuits to keep me awake in the late night.

    I read till 1 am and sometimes upto 2am .

    This is how it goes. I calculated how many days were there before exams.

    I started preparing from March for my group 2 exams in may. Where I had around 60–70 days left for exam.

    I made a countdown and affixed on the wall, where I struck down the dates daily. And I also affixed a sticky paper on the wall stating CA Akshaya Baskar. (For motivation)

    Analyse attributable time to each subject.

    In 60 days for 4 subjects, I could allot 15 days for each subject. I plan time table accordingly for the nearing 10 days.

    Planning for whole 60 days makes you go tired and there would be no motivation at all to abide it. If it is for a shorter span the time table could be flexed easily.

    Books for reference. If you have plenty of time and so interested in exploring the subject you could go for authors book and excel in it.

    I didn’t have any patience for those so I sticked on to icai study material, practice manual, mock test paper and revision test papers.

    So to summarise : sleep well, eat well, make a time table, abide it , motivate yourself and choose books wisely

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