What study pattern a CA INTER student should follow?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


What study pattern a CA INTER student should follow?


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Hi Anshi,

    I suppose you have joined CA course right after your 12th. So firstly you need to understand that, when you enter IPCC you are exposed to following subjects for the first time, Namely:

    1. Companies Act
    2. Costing (Though its a mixture of Accounts & basic mathis)
    3. Financial Management (Formula Driven + Basic common sense Subject)
    4. Income Tax
    5. Goods & Service Tax Act
    6. Auditing
    7. Information Technology ( EIS).

    As you have 7 new subjects to be learnt for the first time, then the foremost thing for you to do is to understand the concepts. So once you clear your Foundation, you get 9 months of time to prepare for Inter. So you should give concentration to two subject in a month to begin with.

    My personal advice would be, to the following combination:-
    1. Accounting & Law – First month and every day practice accounting standard.
    2. Costing & Taxation – I would devote 2 months for this subject, as Income Tax & GST takes time to understand. Also, many fear costing but the same fear can be removed with dedicated practice of exam sums. So in these two months understand the concepts thoroughly of these two subject and revise accounts & law frequently.

    3. Advance Accounts & Auditing – Devote 1.5 months. Audit is a paper where student find it difficult to score, so be thorough with the concepts.
    4. ECO, FM & EIS, SM – Devote 1.5 months. EIS is relatively new, but its not hard.

    So you would have studied roughly 6 months for understanding the concepts. Now you have three months left prior to exam. So first month full revision of group 1 & subsequent month for group 2. In the last month, every 3 days allot to one paper and write 6 previous exams. Like this you get confidence to write the exam.

    Hope this helps.

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