What are some tips for a CA inter?


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What are some tips for a CA inter?


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .



    First of all get an idea of time required for completing your classes. I suppose it must be over maximum by 5–6 months. So after you can start your full time preparation.

    Giving one detailed plan is tough as I don’t know whether you are through Foundation or direct entry route etc . So, I would give you some general tips.

    1.Be consistent,fix a time slot (everyday) to complete your classes.

    2.Always revise the chapter before moving on to the next or you can have a revision plan of your own. This is very important because we study 8 different subjects for months and there’s a big time gap, so we’ll easily lose touch with the topics.

    3.Find out in which paper you can score more. It was Costing FM and Accounts for me. This is very important to score exemption.

    4.If you are attending live ( online) classes, take a nap or break after the class is over and go through whatever covered on that day.

    5.At any situation you must have 3 months minimum in hand for your preparation ( after classes). If you find your classes aren’t getting over before 3 months, complete studying your favorite papers ( one’s mentioned in 3pt.)

    6.Have proper resources. Follow one source for preparation. Some of my friends bought different author’s books for same subject but ended up with Institute SM. That’s the best, still there’s no issue if you follow ONE good author for one subject.

    7.Never lose touch with the subjects. You lose touch when you lose interest. Try pushing yourself.

    8.There may come a time when all you do is to watch classes, study or just stare at the book for weeks together. Take a break and start again. Never watch classes just for the sake of doing it.

    9.Write atleast one mock test. Not to test your level of preparation, but to have an idea of the pattern of the question paper.

    10.AIM HIGH.

    I came across this channel of Kushal Lodha in YouTube and it is really genuine and helpful. You can have a look.


    Also have a look on YouTube channels or blogs of people who got rank in the recent intermediate exam. You’ll get an idea of what you must do.

    For example, I came across his channel recently


    All the best!

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