How were your November 2019 CA exams?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


How were your November 2019 CA exams?


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    CA Intermediate new ( 2nd attempt )

    I failed during my first attempt with a exemption in financial management.

    I knew from the start of my first attempt ( which was during may 2019 ) , I will fail.

    Four months before the exams , I went through a lot of emotions at once in a short span of time ( 12 days roughly ) and then felt none at all . Until then i believed on eternal happiness ( how stupid ! ) . After the 12 day period , something changed.

    I felt emotions to the level I’ve never felt before. I wanted nothing ( marks , sleep , food , anything at all ).

    I didn’t wanna play my piano, go outside and interact. I didn’t feel a need for sleep or food. I felt a void inside which kept on growing and seemed as if it would never stop. I started hating on all subjects .

    I went through existential crisis for the first time.

    It is at this point of time I realized there is something wrong inside.I couldn’t accept (for about a month) that i was suffering . I was so confidant that i was doing everything right until march .

    I was sad inside and out.

    I couldn’t smile , experience happiness. All day i felt no emotions.

    It is at this point of time ( march ) i knew i was suffering from depression.

    I never wanted to wake up when i went to sleep.

    By the end of April , I realized there was a need for change from inside. My value system had to be rebuilt .

    Very slowly, by taking baby steps , I was rebuilding it. ( like going outside to play sports and building habits )

    It took a long time to get out of that emotionless void ( until May end , right before my exams ).

    By the time i came out , i felt different.

    There was never one defining moment that got me into depression . Same can be said for getting out of it too.

    So, coming back to the question ,

    My second attempt

    • I studied consistently for a period of 2 months ( from the next week after the results ) .
    • My main objective was to study everyday however little it may be as I believe in compounding effect of knowledge .
    • Then i slowly started to increase my study time .( from an hour or so to 8 hours a day )
    • I kept track of what i studied through a excel sheet ( roughly about 70% of time ).
    • I kept myself entertained through YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hotstar , Manga and Anime .
    • I always had a stack of habits that i did everyday :
      • Practice tying in laptop
      • Exercising 5 minutes
      • Trying to learn HTML and CSS
      • Reading a fictional or non-fictional book before sleep for 30 minutes or so .
    • I had surprise fever which collapsed my studies by 8 to 10 days .( which happened just 30 days before exam )
    • When the exams started , nearly everything i said above went to trash except for a few . I couldn’t keep track of what i did .
    • Then came the Ayodhya verdict which led to postponement of paper-5 for me. This had a effect of reduction in efficiency and effectiveness of my studies .
    • Overall , I think i did my best i could do . Whatever the result maybe , the journey was worth remembering .

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