How should I carry my CA inter study schedule?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


How should I carry my CA inter study schedule?


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    This answer is based on the assumption that you have completed your tuitions and have a few months left to prepare.

    Step 1: PLAN: Take a day or two, and make a very, very comprehensive plan. You have to analyse each and every aspect of your studying habits and grip over the subjects. Studying systematically is absolutely critical to pass in CA exam.

    • Number of Subjects per day: 3 at the minimum: One theory subject, Tax and any of the remaining Practical subjects.
    • Time allocation: Start with theory in the morning, since your mind is fresh and you’ll grip the concept and language relatively easily. For the second half of the day, focus on doing practicals. When you get fed up, take a break to study theory. Get back to practical once you start feeling lethargic.
    • Grouping on a per day basis: This is essential to utilize your time efficiently.
      • On the basis of Concepts: Divide the subjects into chapters and group them on the basis on similar elements or concepts. (For example: Hire Purchase, the Contract Act and Capital Budgeting can be done together.)
      • On the basis of volume: Take up one small/easy chapter from Cost and one big/difficult chapter from Accounts, so when you get overwhelmed with doing long sums of Accounts, you can switch to an easy chapter from FM like Leverage or Working Capital Management.
    • Weightage: You must already know which chapters carry more weight-age since you have completed your tuitions. Prioritize them.
    • Taxation: You NEED to study Tax every day and solve at least one Gross Total Income sum every day. The reason I mentioned Tax separately is because Tax needs everything: Conceptual clarity, rote learning and practical sum solving. And it’s immensely voluminous. You absolutely need to keep in touch with tax since all chapters are interlinked.

    Step 2: EXECUTION:

    • Writing Practice: DO NOT just look at concepts and skim over sums. You must have marked some questions “important” while doing your first revision or at the instruction of your teacher. Practice those sums by hand in rough.
    • Theory: If, while reading, you aren’t able to grasp a particular line, scribble it down in your rough copy. Try to recall everything you studied after every study session is complete by jotting it down. Go back to review if you missed something.
    • Formats: Presentation is a huge factor in students passing or failing in CA exams so try to roughly draw formats while practicing sums.
    • Solving Question Papers: Depending on the level of your preparation, you need to start solving question papers, latest by the beginning of the last month to exams. Solve the paper between 2–5 pm sharp to train your brain for the Exam environment. Take an hour to check your paper just like an examiner would and give yourself the minimum marks you think could be allotted based on the quality f your answers. Don’t worry if you score horribly when you give you first mock exams. Just focus on improving and revisit the areas where you need work on that day itself.

    Step 3: REVIEW: I would suggest making weekly timetables so that by the end of the week you keep a check on where you stand, how much you cover and which portions need another revision. Keep a cheat day to clear you backlogs. Again, keep just one cheat day otherwise yo will get lethargic in following the timetable aggressively.

    DO NOT BURN OUT: I can’t tell you relax too much during the exam prepartion but please be healthy. Do not compromise on the minimum sleep you require to function. Take frequent but short breaks to re-energize you brain (Use the Pomodoro technique). Watch a funny video, take a walk, do something that you enjoy doing but by all cost avoid social media and talking to people outside your family. A few month or another six, you need to make the choice. The world’s gonna be right as it is after your exams (provided there’s no alien invasion).

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