How do you study for CA inter in less time?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


How do you study for CA inter in less time?


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Assuming you are writing in this November…ur left with 2 months (approx). 8 subjects if giving both groups….and 4 subjects if 1 group.

    Is time really sufficient ?

    The answer is big YES !

    Start studying from 2day itself. Atleast 12 hours of effective preparation is required. Good diet , good sleep, positive attitude and ur hardwork combined with smart work will get u success.

    If you are writing new syllabus….. remember it’s very voluminous. If starting from scratch then better go with 1 group. (If u r confident enough no one’s advice can stop u from writing both groups, but plan accordingly.)

    If you are from old syllabus, go with both groups.

    Timetable :

    6am to 8am – theory,

    8am to 9am – breakfast n newspaper

    9am to 12pm – theory

    12pm- 1pm – lunch and rest

    1pm – 4pm – practical

    4pm to 5pm – accounting standards/auditing standards/income disclosure standards

    5pm to 6pm – rest, small nature walk, gardening, chitchat with friends directly, with family

    6pm – 9pm – practical

    9pm – 10pm – dinner and short nap

    10pm – 12pm – theory

    12pm – 540am – sleep

    540am to 6am – get ready

    Diet :

    Morning – breakfast- oats,idly, bananas n milk, egg , cheese n bread, sandwich, fresh vegetables, carrot juice, etc

    Afternoon- lunch – avoid fry foods,

    Evening- green tea, and almonds, etc

    Night – dinner – tiffin / rice – not heavy n no sweets


    6 hrs of night sleep + short naps


    Breathing exercises, meditation, etc

    Smart study :

    Subject wise write down all topics n pick up high weightage chapters first and complete them perfectly. Pen and paper practice is must. Calculator usage , time usage is to be known.

    Be stress free and start preparing immediately

    All the best !

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